Accenture Aptitude Questions and Answers | Numerical Ability

 This article contains the latest Accenture Aptitude Questions and Answers, asked in the Numerical Ability section of the Stage 1 Online Aptitude Test. If you're preparing to take on the Accenture Recruitment any time soon, this is a must read.

Accenture Aptitude Questions and Answers | Numerical Ability

1. A certain number of men take 45 days to complete work. If there are 10 men less then they will take 60 days to complete the work. Find the original number of men. 

A. 50 
B. 60 
C. 30 
D. 40 

Answer – D. 40 Explanation: Let us assume initially there are X men. Then x*45 = (x-10)*60. So we get x = 40

2. 5 men and 10 boys can do a piece of work in 30 days and 8 men and 12 boys can do the work in 20 days then the ratio of daily work done by a man to that of a boy. 

A. 5:1 
B. 4:5 
C. 6:1 
D. 7:3 

Answer – C. 6:1 

Explanation: Given that, 5m + 10b = 1/30 and 8m + 12b = 1/20 
after solving we get m = 1/200 and b = 1/1200 
so required ratio = (1/200) : (1/1200) = 6:1 

3. 4 women and 5 men working together can do 3 times the work done by 2 women and one man together. Calculate the work of a man to that of a woman. 

A. 1:1 
B. 3:2 
C. 1:2 
D. 2:1 

Answer – A. 1:1

 Explanation: Given 4w + 5m = 3*(2w + m) i.e. 2w = 2m 
so the ratio of work done by man to woman is 1:1

4. Manoj can do a work in 20 days, while Chandu can do the same work in 25 days. They started the work jointly. A few days later Suresh also joined them and thus all of them completed the whole work in 10 days. All of them were paid total Rs.1000. What is the share of Suresh?

 A. 100 
B. 300 
C. 200 
D. 400 

Answer – A. 100 

Explanation: Efficiency of Manoj = 5% The efficiency of Chandu = 4% 
They will complete only 90% of the work = [(5+4)*10] =90 
Remaining work was done by Suresh = 10%. 
Share of Suresh = 10/100 * 1000 = 100 

5. Nagarjuna lends Rs 30,000 of two of his friends. He gives Rs 15,000 to the first at 6% p.a. simple interest. He wants to make a profit of 10% on the whole. The simple interest rate at which he should lend the remaining sum of money to the second friend is

 A. 8% 
B. 12% 
C. 14% 
D. 16% 

Answer - C. 14% 

Explanation: Simple Interest on Rs 15000 =(15000×6×1)/100 = Rs. 900 
Profit to made on Rs 30000 = 30000×10/100=Rs 3000 
Simple Interest on Rs.15000 = 3000-900 = Rs.2100 
Rate=(S.I.* 100)/(P * T)=(2100×100)/15000 =14% per annum Therefore, the simple interest rate at which he should lend the remaining sum of money to the second friend is 14% 

Q5. In a certain month, the total income of Andrew, Bruce and Chloe is $50,000. In that month, Andrew spends 70% of his income, Bruce spends 75% of his income and Chloe spends 80% of her income. The ratio of the amounts spent by Andrew, Bruce and Chloe in that month is 35:90: 64. Find the income of Andrew in the month.

 A. $16,000 

B. $10,000

C. $24,000


Answer: Option B

Q6. If 3.6h = 1.6k, then find (h-k)/(h + k). 

A. -13/5

B. -5/13

C. 13/5

D. 5/13

Answer: Option B

Q7. Jack, a con-man, was running along a road at 10 km/hr. He crossed a policeman moving at a speed of 15 km/hr in the opposite direction. The policeman had to continue for 12 minutes before he could find a gap in the road and start chasing him again. Find the total time taken in minutes) by the policeman to catch the con-man from the time he crossed him.

A. 100 

B. 72

C. 80

D. 60

Answer: Option B

Q8. Find the amount lost by Hannah when she sold a hand wash at a loss of 22%, if she bought it for $150.

A. $29 

B. $33

C. $42

D. $36

Answer: Option B

Q9. Pam can complete a job in 36 days. She started the work and after 6 days, Leslie joined her. They completed the job in 12 more days. Find the number of days in which Leslie alone can complete it. 

A. 28 days 

B. 24 days

C. 12 days

D. 16 days

Answer: Option B

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